Opportunity For Stakeholder Input Regarding Stormwarter and Flood Hazard Rules

NJDEP has provided the opportunity for stakeholder input with regard to its Stormwater and Flood Hazard Area Rules.  One major change which is being contemplated is the elimination of the Special Water Resource Protection Area under the Stormwater Rules (the 300-Foot Buffer) and incorporating that concept into the Flood Hazard Area Rules. With respect to […]

Appellate Court Resurrects COAH

In a blow to the Christie administration’s affordable housing policy, the Appellate Division of Superior Court has decided that the Governor lacks authority to abolish the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH). This March 8, 2012 decision is the most recent development in New Jersey’s long-standing affordable housing saga, which dates back to the 1975 Supreme […]

DEP Adopts “Waiver Rule”

DEP’s long-anticipated “Waiver of Department Rules”, the so-called “waiver rule”, has finally been adopted. The waiver rule allows DEP to relax strict compliance with its regulations. The rule proposal was the subject of much criticism and debate. Environmental groups vilified the proposal claiming waivers will eviscerate environmental regulatory programs and the Legislature attempted to derail […]