NJDEP Has Issued Proposed Amendments To The Flood Hazard Area Control Act Rules

On February 19, 2013, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection published in the New Jersey Register the emergency adoption (effective January 24, 2013) and concurrent proposal of amendments to the Flood Hazard Area Control Act rules, N.J.A.C. 7:13.  http://www.nj.gov/dep/rules/notices/20130219a.html  The emergency adoption and proposed rules concern the construction and reconstruction of buildings in flood […]

Governor Adopts FEMA Advisory Base Flood Elevation Maps as a DEP Standard

On January 24, 2013, Governor Christie announced that the State is adopting the recently released FEMA Advisory Base Flood Elevation maps as a DEP Standard.  The Governor did this by emergency rule effective immediately.  FEMA expects to proceed with adopting these advisory maps as final maps; however, this process will take 18 to 24 months.  […]

DEP Waives Some Permitting Requirements To Promote Rebuilding After Sandy

The devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy is massive and the loss of lives, homes and belongings is heartbreaking.  The recovery effort will present many practical challenges and legal issues.  Those who seek to reconstruct destroyed or damaged property will likely need to address environmental issues, particularly in the coastal areas.  Department of Environmental Protection (“DEP”) […]

Opportunity For Stakeholder Input Regarding Stormwarter and Flood Hazard Rules

NJDEP has provided the opportunity for stakeholder input with regard to its Stormwater and Flood Hazard Area Rules.  One major change which is being contemplated is the elimination of the Special Water Resource Protection Area under the Stormwater Rules (the 300-Foot Buffer) and incorporating that concept into the Flood Hazard Area Rules. With respect to […]