Permit Extension Act Poised for Governor’s Signature

Today, the New Jersey State Senate voted to extend the Permit Extension Act in the 9 Sandy-affected counties for another year until December 31, 2016 (many approvals will be extended until June 30, 2017). It is anticipated that the Governor will sign this Legislation sometime in early July.

No News Is Good News? NJ Legislature Winds Down Its Session

The 2012-2013 legislative session will come to a close on reorganization day, January 14. With the thousands of bills having been introduced during the current two year legislative cycle, only 250 bills became law. It was a relatively unremarkable voting session regarding environmental initiatives.  I for one, will be disappointed that many of the alternative […]

Big Changes For Monmouth Property Tax Assessments

Big changes are quickly approaching for every single property owner in Monmouth County. Earlier this year, Governor Christie signed into law Senate Bill-1213 and Assembly-1591 (the “Act”) which taken together creates an “Assessment Demonstration Program” that will substantially change the property tax assessment and appeal process in New Jersey. The program modifies the timing of […]

Legislature Passes Automatic Variance Bill for Sandy Rebuilding

Both houses of New Jersey’s Legislature have unanimously approved the so-called “Automatic Variance” law to make it easier to raise buildings to the new FEMA base elevations.  The law applies to the rebuilding of any structure destroyed or damaged by Superstorm Sandy, as well as to existing structures that survived Sandy.  A structure of the […]

Bill To Strengthen Role Of Administrative Law Judges Advances

Characterization of the adjudicatory hearing process in the context of challenging agency decisions, including decisions of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, as a “kangaroo court” is certainly cynical, and may be unwarranted, but it is not an uncommon response when individuals whose rights are affected learn that the decision of an administrative law […]

Energy Master Plan – New Legislation

More than a decade ago energy deregulation became law in the State of New Jersey.  This was a very complex bill that few legislators truly understood.  The new law was promoted to be the salvation for millions of state energy consumers or “rate payers” in BPU vernacular.  The intent of the legislation was to promote […]