Extension of 2012 Water Quality Planning Act Sent to Governor

On the last day of the legislative session both the Assembly and Senate passed and sent to Governor Christie a bill extending the 2012 Water Quality Planning Act.   The 2012 law was enacted to avoid the withdrawal of sewer service areas and to require that DEP resume the review and approval of applications for site […]

Legislation Benefiting Property Excluded From Wastewater Service Areas Set To Expire January 2014

Counties attempting to satisfy DEP’s mandate to update Wastewater Management Plans (WMPs) have excluded significant areas of developable land from proposed future wastewater service areas (FWSA), limiting allowable groundwater discharge to 2,000 gpd or less.  Legislation adopted in January 2012 (P.L. 2011, c.203) provides affected landowners with an avenue of relief for such excluded parcels.  […]

GH&C’s Paul Schneider Prevails Before New Jersey Supreme Court

Adopting the legal analysis advocated by Paul Schneider on behalf of the New Jersey Builders Association, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that developers may not be required to pay duplicative sewer connection fees.  New Jersey statutes permit utilities authorities and sewerage authorities to charge periodic service fees for those using their wastewater systems.  In […]