Permit Extension Act Poised for Governor’s Signature

Today, the New Jersey State Senate voted to extend the Permit Extension Act in the 9 Sandy-affected counties for another year until December 31, 2016 (many approvals will be extended until June 30, 2017). It is anticipated that the Governor will sign this Legislation sometime in early July.

DEP Coastal Centers Expiring

As of December 31, 2015, coastal centers established by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (“DEP”) and classified as “mainland” coastal centers will expire absent legislative or administrative action to make mainland coastal centers a permanent designation or to extend their expiration date.  DEP mainland coastal centers include Egg Harbor, Lower Township, Toms River […]

Permit Extension Act Signed Into Law

Governor Christie signed the Permit Extension Act into law on Friday, December 26.  The law is applicable State-wide and as noted in our previous updates, continues the effective period of the Permit Extension Act of 2008 for an additional year.  The Act now expires December 31, 2015, with additional tolling of up to six months […]

Permit Extension Act – Legislative Passage

As an update to Monday’s Alert, the Permit Extension Act passed the Assembly 67-0-8 and the Senate 31-5. It is now on the Governor’s desk for signature. This update is not considered to be legal advice, and is intended for educational purposes only. For more information regarding the Permit Extension Act, please contact Giordano, Halleran […]

Permit Extension Act Update

A one-year extension is now proposed.  It has been approved by both the Assembly and Senate Committees and could be voted on Thursday by the full Senate and Assembly. We will keep you updated on what occurs Thursday. 

Permit Extension Act (PEA) Extension Bill Introduced

On October 9th, Assemblymen Jerry Green, John Burzichelli and Troy Singleton introduced legislation (A-3815, not yet available for review) to extend the Permit Extension Act for two more years (until December 31, 2016). The current Permit Extension Act (PEA) expires on December 31st of this year. Whether or not this further extension is approved depends […]

Sewer Reservation Agreement Ordinance Withstands Challenge Preserving Development Rights

A threshold due diligence question for developers is whether public water and sewer is available for development.  If connection to public water and sewer is not possible or is too expensive, or sufficient capacity is not available, a developer may look elsewhere.  For developers who decide to move forward with a site, water and sewer […]