No News Is Good News? NJ Legislature Winds Down Its Session

January 8, 2014 | No Comments
Posted by Steven J. Corodemus

The 2012-2013 legislative session will come to a close on reorganization day, January 14. With the thousands of bills having been introduced during the current two year legislative cycle, only 250 bills became law. It was a relatively unremarkable voting session regarding environmental initiatives.  I for one, will be disappointed that many of the alternative fuel vehicle initiatives did not make it across the legislative finish line. If New Jersey and this country want to reduce mobile air emissions and reduce its reliance on foreign oil and gasoline, it must make the commitment to the construction of readily available recharging stations for alternative fueled vehicles powered by natural gas, electricity, etc.

Many involved in New Jersey’s six year odyssey to adopt water quality management plans  will be keeping their fingers crossed that the legislature and the governor will approve bill S-3107 with only two voting sessions left.  This bill, if adopted into law, would the extend the deadlines in the effort to get things right. While some DEP staff and counties would like this done and over with, the current process has left property owners and communities with inequitable outcomes.  One such property owner has the full support of the host community to develop commercial rateables and affordable housing.  Unfortunately DEP and the respective county planning board used outdated maps to render a prime property undevelopable. The purpose of the 2008 law was to restore, maintain and preserve the quality of the waters of the State, not to set up another zoning hurdle. Stay tuned for the results of the closing voting session.

These bills and other proposed legislation are being tracked by the Environmental Law Department and Government Affairs Department of this law firm for its clients, the business community and interested parties in the State of New Jersey.

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